Revolving doors


A designer door leaf made of an aluminium frame and sheath; 360° rotation

About the product

The door leaf thickness is 40 mm. Door leaf has no internal infill of extruded polystyrene. Door profiles are connected using system couplings. Helidoors are for interior use and only in a revolving version.

Helidoor uses a hinge that can turn the door 360° if it is placed in the middle. The hinge can also be used off centre — as far as the 1/3 point, which allows 180° rotation.

  The door is intended for the DUAL concealed doorframe with or without door header; also available completely without a doorframe but with the hinges anchored to the ceiling and floor.

Technical information

Maximum weight of each door leaf150 kg


  • The door frame is made of anodized aluminium profile with surface options according to the RAL, K7, NCS or Creative Metallic swatch books.
  • glass types for sheathing — single-colour, sandblasted, Grafoglass, smooth
  • glass thickness 4 mm


  • PortaPivot hinge
  • Handle HK 300, 400, 550, 600, 800, Handle HH 300, Handle CH 300

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