Revolving doors


Non-traditional doors with timeless minimalist design. Traditional door patterns and models are all around us. But unique Master doors have been designed to create an exclusive interior according to your (demanding) criteria

About the product

The frame for unique Master doors is made of anodized aluminium profile, which can be sheathed with glass, and MDF panel in natural, painted or veneer version, a mirror or laminates from FORMICA or HOMAPAL, a stone veneer or magnetic plates. As far as technically possible, we create sheathing based on the customer’s specific request.The inner space between the two claddings is usually filled with extruded polystyrene. We offer Master doors in non-rebated and half-track revolving versions.

For Master doors, we offer designer division of the external sheathing, either horizontal or vertical, and the individual fields this creates can be filled with various materials. Master doors can have 34 dB sound insulation after addition of a threshold strip, thanks to an extruded polystyrene filling. The maximum height of Master doors is 3.7 m, which can be provided even in floor to ceiling versions — of course, for greater door leaf stability, we recommend division using a transom. Master doors are ideal in combination with Aktive concealed doorframes.

We offer doors in these versions:

MASTER 40/00 – door leaf thickness 40 mm – non-rebated – traditional pull or push opening – for Aktive JAP 911 doorframes

MASTER 25/15 – door leaf thickness 40 mm – with half track 25/15 – reverse, push opening – for Aktive JAP 912 doorframes

Technical information

Standard width of passageaccording to the standard dimensions of door leaves by JAP
Standard height of passageaccording to the standard dimensions of door leaves by JAP
Custom passage height1 975 - 3 700 mm
Minimal thickness of finished crossbar100 mm


  • the door frame is made of anodized aluminium profile with surface options according to the RAL, K7, NCS swatch books
  • the frame can be sheathed with a wide variety of materials — glass (monochrome sandblasted, Grafoglass, smooth), MDF panel in natural, panted or veneer version, mirror, acrylic film or laminates from FORMICA or HOMAPAL, stone veneer or magnetic plates
  • we also offer combination with different materials, such as glass with various types of MDF. The sheath can be different on each side of the door


  • Minimal or Maximal door handle
  • Minimal, Maximal escutcheon (cylindrical, deadbolt, WC)
  • magnetic lock (cylindrical, deadbolt, WC)
  • hinges: Argenta for Master 40/00, Tectus 240 for Master 25/15, Tectus 340 for Master 47/15, Tectus 541 for Master 40/00 in Efekta concealed doorframes

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