Custom manufacturing


Stairs are a prominent feature of every multi-storey building. Their impression can be robust or light and airy. Take a look at our stairway offerings, made to satisfy even the most demanding customers


Modern design and precision workmanship are characteristic of staircases from the JAP FUTURE studio. Even the most demanding customers can find something suitable in the comprehensive exterior and interior offerings.

Staircase types based on load-bearing metal spine

Spiral staircases

are especially in demand for smaller spaces. We offer TANGO spiral staircases, which are unique in design. Their individual steps revolve around a central column in the shape of an extravagant double helix. Another version is the  SHELL spiral staircase with a circular footprint and half-moon-shaped steps.

Side staircases

are suitable both inside and outside. The precisely anchored LASER staircase creates the impression that it freely floats in space. The effect is created by the absence of visible anchor elements.

Stirrup staircases 

are an elegant, airy design. The individual steps are anchored right into the wall.We also offer the WING stirrup staircase, the EFEKT staircase with steel steps, and the HARMONY and VIVA staircases.

Segmented staircases 

are made up of individual parts that bear the load of the staircase.It is possible to design it in an I, U or L shape. Very special are JAP 360 miller’s stairs, which go perfectly into smaller spaces where a steeper staircase is needed.Another model is the JAP GO staircase, which has a lightweight look thanks to the absence of stair risers.


  • Custom staircases are based on customers’ individual needs.

Staircase material 

The company JAP FUTURE offers staircases of wood, full metal and combination materials. In addition to these basic materials, highly resistant tempered glass and stainless steel are often used.

The steps are made of hardwoods, which are extraordinarily robust and last a long time. There is a choice of beech, oak, maple or ash, according to personal preference.

The all-metal construction goes perfectly with exteriors that endure inclement weather. Offerings also include creations like the JAP 300e all-metal staircase featuring stairs with sheet metal stamping with an anti-slip treatment for maximum safety.

JAP Design

Customers can all adapt the stairway design to their own taste. We offer colour treatment of wooden parts and handles according to the sample book, as well as brushing, which enhances perception of the raised wood pattern.

It is also possible to choose the colour of metal or the glass design. We also provide mutual combinations of JAP products, such as Grafoglass on steps or for railings.

We provide comprehensive services. We measure, provide consulting and draw up a graphic representation of the price offer.

Why JAP?

A Czech product

We are a Czech company, and since 1991 we have made products inspired by trends all over the world.

Custom manufacturing

We can adapt all products to each customer’s specific needs.

Premium design

We are committed to delivering premium-quality building components with imaginative design.

A comprehensive portfolio

We are currently the leading Czech manufacturer — and not just because of our broad selection.