Tracks on ceiling


Do you want sliding doors from floor to ceiling? The Premium track lets you do it. This aluminium sliding system with two parallel rails is mainly for suspended ceilings

About the product

Premium is a designer single- or double-rail aluminium sliding system appropriate for all premium doors from our Sting, Idea, Idealine, Ideanet and Master lines, and for wooden doors. Can also be combined with fixed leaves. Sliding doors must have milled fixtures in their upper frame, which are used to hang the doors for sliding carriages. The sliding door is guided on the floor with a guide pin. Soft closing mechanisms are part of every sliding leaf from JAP FUTURE.

The Premium system is made up of a load-bearing profile and an aluminium rail that can bear up to 160 kg. The maximum length of the Premium track is 6 mm. The height of the track is 47 mm, into which dimension it is necessary to leave enough space above the drywall for placement of the track. The Premium track can be surface finished with RAL K7, Creative Metallic or NCS. The basic version comes in anodized aluminium.

It allows many combinations for placing the door leaf into the Premium track — specific versions can be found in the catalogue, but for an overview, we will introduce the most frequently ordered versions.

  • fixed partition and sliding leaf
  • two sliding leaves
  • fixed side partition and two sliding leaves
  • fixed central partition and two sliding leaves
  • two side fixed partitions with two sliding leaves between them

The individual door leaves overlap each other when closed. The whole system is anchored to the ceiling using an aluminium fortification profile that must be fastened to the load-bearing structure (lintel, KVH prism). Several anchoring methods are offered, the most common one using threaded rods. The supporting profile is then slid onto its own aluminium support rail for doors and fixed partitions, in which sliding carriages and dampers are placed.

Optional fixed partitions:

  • a fixed leaf is part of the sliding system. It is fastened using braked carriages in the rail, and the carriages can be released, if necessary
  • the fixed leaf can be firmly anchored between the floor and ceiling (to a clear height) using a U-profile. this involves firm fastening without the possibility of movement
  • fixed partitions (if they are part of the track) and sliding leaves are fastened at the top using carriages in rails and fixtures milled to the upper edge of the door leaf. In the lower part, a guide mandrel is used for the sliding leaf and the fixed partition (if it is a part of the track) so that the fixed part is at the same height as the track

We design and create the Premium track according to customers’ individual needs.


Technical information

Maximum weight of each door leaf120 kg
Mountingto ceiling


  • the track’s surface treatment is the anodized version
  • at customer request, we paint according to the RAL K7 (except for metallic and reflective shades), NCS or Creative Metallic swatch books


  • the track includes sliding carriages and soft closing mechanisms, depending on the number of leaves

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