Sliding doors


Idealine is characterized by attractive divided glass with subtle vertical or horizontal aluminium profiles in various arrangements

About the product

Idealine sliding doors are made of an aluminium frame with a 5 mm thick glass panel and a transverse division in the surface. Maximum dimensions of Idealine sliding doors are 1,400 mm x 3,000 mm. For Idealine sliding versions, dimensions are limited to the track’s maximum load capacity. The weight of the Idealine door depends on the number of partitions used to divide the door. The sliding version of Idealine doors is for pocket door frames and sliding systems along the wall or in the ceiling.

For the glass panel division, 17 mm x 15 mm (w x h) U profiles are used, which are attached with a plastic counter-piece adhered to the glass. The glass can be divided in several variants. Vertical, Horizontal, Frisky, Thin, Leave a Chess (all divisions can be customized to customer wishes).

Technical information

Standard width of passageaccording to standard Idea door leaf dimensions by JAP
Standard height of passageaccording to standard Idea door leaf dimensions by JAP
Custom passage height1 975 - 2 800 mm
Minimal thickness of finished crossbar60 mm


  • aluminium perimeter frame 40 mm thick
  • the door frame is made of anodized aluminium profile with surface options according to the RAL, K7, NCS or Creative Metallic swatch books
  • glass panel 5 mm thick


  • CEE handle
  • ELL handle
  • EYE handle
  • RULER handle

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