Concealed doorframes

Aktive PP 40/00

The Aktive 40/00 flame-resistant concealed doorframe model range is for non-rebated doors that pull open from the viewing side.

About the product

The Aktive PP 40/00 concealed doorframe is break-in resistant and flame-resistant. The model complies with safety standard RC2 and fire standard EI30. This concealed doorframe is only for SAPELI break-in resistant, flame-resistant doors 40 mm thick and can be ordered only from the SAPELI dealer network.  

They are traditional non-rebated doorframes for pull opening. Aktive PP concealed doorframes meet break-in resistance and flame-resistance standards in both masonry crossbars and drywall. The doorframe comes with 2 hinges (for heights up to 2,100 mm) and a combined counter-plate and lock for securing the door leaf. For heavier doors, hinges can be added as required. The hinges meeting the PP standards are Tectus 340. The doorframe has a soft PVC seal for silent closing.

We recommend JAP concealed door frames for standard doors from most manufacturers, 40 mm thick, in both non-rebated and reverse versions.

The construction opening for the Aktive PP concealed doorframe is larger than for a traditional doorframe. These doorframes cannot be added without a door header, or with a slanted end toward the attic. We offer doorframes up to 3,700 mm high. We also produce custom widths and heights. The doorframes are made of anodized aluminium and can be painted according to the RAL K7, NCS and CREATIVE METALLIC swatch books at extra charge. The warranty on the Aktive PP 40/00 is 5 years.

Technical information

Standard width of passageaccording to the standard dimensions of door leaves by Sapeli
Standard height of passageaccording to the standard dimensions of door leaves by Sapeli
Custom passage height1,975–2,200 mm (5 mm each)
Minimal thickness of finished crossbar125 mm


  • anodized aluminium

Which door to use in the doorframe

  • only wooden from Sapeli

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