Efekta wall cladding

Efekta wall cladding

The Efekta cladding system can be used as a wall cladding or as a functional hanging system with many optional accessories

About the product

Basic construction elements include custom mouldings made of aluminium profile, and connection elements that together form a grid for attaching cladding panels and accessories. The Efekta cladding system thus creates one line of wall cladding with a revolving door leaf installed in an Efekta concealed doorframe. The cladding system’s total thickness, including the cladding panel is 40.2 mm.

The range of cladding material is very broad to satisfy customers looking for both an economical and effective solution, as well as demanding users who want luxury materials and design. Materials include a choice of painted glass, laminates, natural veneers, metal laminates, acrylic films and mirrors. Also available as a cladding is a magnetic panel, which is not only appreciated by children in their rooms, but in schools, preschools or children’s corners. 

Efekta is good for homes, offices and shops thanks to its universality and wide range of multifunctional accessories.  

Assembly instructions


  • anodized aluminium


  • paint according to RAL K7, NCS and CREATIVE METALLIC