Stairs into the ceiling

Kombo PP

Kombo PP flame-resistant loft ladders meet the strict requirements for low-energy passive homes

About the product

Stairs with sheet-metal sandwich cap built into the ceiling. Cap contains thermal and a flame-resistant insulation. The gap between the cap and frame is sealed with a flame-resistant foam strip. On the frame structure, a folding ladder is fastened to the cap. The whole stair space is closed from above by a thermally insulated cap. From the visible side, the lower cap is painted white and covered with protective film; the wooden parts of the upper cap are protected with a fungicidal solution, and the plywood used is water resistant.

Technical information

Capsandwich – the wooden frame is provided with a fungicidal solution against mould and fungus, filled with insulation and is sheathed with galvanized sheet metal; the visible part is painted white and covered with a protective film
Thermal insulationyes, U = 0.71 W / m2.K
Fire resistanceyes, EI130/EI230/EW30
Frame colourRAL white
Step colourRAL red + galvanization


  • the frame is welded from rolled profiled sheet metal with Komaxit surface treatment (white)

Body of attic stairs

  • steps – rolled profile welded with S-shaped sheet metal stampings with Komaxit surface treatment (black)
  • joints – S-shaped sheet-metal stampings galvanized (yellow chromate)

Cap hinges

  • stainless steel for lower cap, galvanized for upper cap

Fittings and fasteners

  • made of high-strength material with galvanized surface

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