Indoor stairs


The Warm spiral staircase is for interior use. The stair step is made of solid beech. Selection of oak, maple or ash

Technical information

Possible width of stairsprůměr 105-160 cm

Material composition of stairs

  • metal structure
  • rung surfaces of hardwoods, such as beech, oak, maple, ash
  • rest of stairs: metal, wood, glass stainless steel

Wood surface treatment

three-layer clear polyurethane varnish provides greater durability of wood components
oiling – protects the natural wood material from unwanted yellowing, re-oil after wear
brushing – makes the prominent wood grain stand out, done by mechanically removing the soft part of the annual ring
staining – treatment of wood colour shade; we also stain according to samples provided by the customer


  • type G, E, F
  • stainless-steel railing

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